Improving the public's health

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Local authorities have been given renewed responsibility for public health as part of the government’s 2012 health and social care reforms. While this is a welcome move, there are as yet few resources to help local authority officers and teams identify 'what works' in improving public health and reducing health inequalities.

This resource pulls together evidence from successful interventions across key local authority functions about ‘what works’ for improving health and reducing health inequalities. You can also see our related infographics

Nine key areas that can improve public health and reduce inequalities

What is in the resource?

You can access specific web resources for each section below. The report focuses on practical actions that local authority officers and teams can take in these nine key areas:

You can read the full report here: Improving the public's health: a resource for local authorities, including an overview written specifically for local authority leaders

Who is it aimed at?

This work is mainly aimed at local authority officers whose everyday activities and responsibilities affect the health of the local population, to help them navigate the wide range of resources, toolkits and case studies that are available. But it will also be of interest to local councillors and communities as they become more engaged in local public health issues and be useful for directors of public health and their teams, in conversations with local government officers.

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