Health Care Spending Review 2007

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What did we do in this project?

Our Future Health Secured? A review of NHS funding and performance was published in 2007. It set out to answer some key questions.

  • Was government spending on health care in line with the recommendations of the 2002 review? And what are the funding prospects for the next 15 years (up to 2022/3)?
  • Where did the extra money go and what results did it achieve?
  • Were the extra funds used wisely, and if not, why not? Have policies helped bring about the desired changes?
  • What lessons can be learned to inform future spending reviews? It makes recommendations about what needs to happen next to get the UK’s health care system back on track to be a world-class service.

Why are we interested in this piece of work?

In 2001, Gordon Brown commissioned a major review of health care funding needs for the next 20 years. The aim was to close unacceptable gaps in performance both within the UK and between the UK and other developed countries. A team led by Sir Derek Wanless produced Securing our Future Health: Taking a Long-Term View in 2002, followed by a further report in 2004, Securing Good Health for the Whole Population: Final Report, exploring public health interventions in more depth.

One of the 2002 review's main recommendations – that there be another review of spending and future needs after five years – was not taken up by the government. To fill this gap, The King's Fund commissioned Sir Derek Wanless to look back on NHS spending.