Training and development for award winners

GSK IMPACT Award winners will be offered two free places on the GSK IMPACT Awards Development Programme and invited to join the GSK IMPACT Awards Network, which connects past award winners, both online and at meetings held across the United Kingdom.

The Development Programme and Network, valued at up to £6,000 for each organisation, is funded by GSK and hosted by The King's Fund.

Photos from the GSK IMPACT Awards development network

GSK IMPACT Awards Development Programme

Our three-day programme helps winners develop their organisations and their leaders. Informed by the rigorous assessment process for the awards, it is carefully tailored to the needs of each year’s award winners. It helps winners develop a range of leadership skills and gain knowledge in specialist areas such as:

  • financial management and governance
  • evaluation and knowledge spread
  • having difficult conversations and HR
  • communications styles
  • developing authority and personal impact
  • positioning your organisation using social media
  • policy updates
  • system leadership

Feedback on the 2016 development programme

Previous participants commented on the excellent training and facilitation, its relevance to their work, how it motivated them and the unique value of working with other award-winning organisations facing similar challenges. These are some of the comments from our 2016 programme:

'The leadership development programme has been mind blowing - we've learnt so much to take back to our organisation.'

'It is being part of the leadership programme that has been really inspiring - and knowing we can join the network. It's an ongoing benefit to the organisation and to our clients, not just a short-term effect.'

'The greatest changes and impact that the award is going to have is through the development programme, because it's not just the interaction between us and the other charities, but the ideas we want to go back with and put into practice will really revolutionise the organisation in the most beneficial way. It was fabulous.'

GSK IMPACT Awards Network

The GSK IMPACT Awards Network is a unique learning network that supports health and wellbeing charities to:

  • develop their leaders on an ongoing basis, providing participants with the skills to respond to the challenges of their environment
  • share experiences and expertise
  • build the recognition of their significant and vital contribution to the health and social care system.

Which organisations are involved in the Network?

To become a Network member, a charity must have won a GSK IMPACT Award, for which they will have competed with more than 400 charities and have been through the rigorous assessment and judging process.

Network members’ inspiring work is diverse, tackling health issues like drug and alcohol misuse, mental health, trauma, supporting people with long-term conditions, and a range of interventions to prevent ill-health and promote healthy living. Its membership includes national organisations that support specific health conditions.

There are more than 120 members of the Network, representing over 70 award-winning charities from across the United Kingdom. All of its members are committed to ongoing professional development, collaboration and improving services for the people they support.

An introduction to the Network and Cascading Leadership programme

How does it work?

The Network is funded by GSK and hosted by The King’s Fund. The Network was created in response to requests from previous GSK IMPACT Award winners who wanted to continue the professional development and joint working that they had started during the award training and development programme, which they found so helpful.

The Network started as a small pilot project in 2012 and has grown substantially since this time. It now has more than 120 members representing over 70 award-winning charities from across the United Kingdom, with 10 Network events taking place in the past 12 months. The whole programme is driven by participants’ ideas and experience and is facilitated by a dedicated team of experts at The King’s Fund.

The Network explores many issues faced by health charities. Recent topics have included how to lead across a system, decision-making, influencing skills and facilitation. There have also been briefings from The King’s Fund’s policy team, plus the opportunity to work with, and potentially influence, speakers who are leading new areas of public service delivery. The Network also offers an important opportunity for organisations to benefit from its wide and impressive membership, so members can get and give support, network and share ideas and learning.

Feedback from the charities taking part has been very positive and they report that the Network has a unique value, giving free access to excellent trainers and facilitators, peer support with no competition, and supports them to work in a very challenging environment. Feedback from wider stakeholders suggests the Network offers valuable and unique expert advice on how to tackle some of the most entrenched, complex and costly health issues in the United Kingdom.

To learn more about the Network please contact: Lisa Weaks, Third Sector Programme Manager at The King’s Fund

Recent feedback on the Network

'I feel very proud that I’m part of this Network – it’s a real endorsement and I’m leading a relatively small charity in terms of some of the big players out there. I feel I can stand proud that I am affiliated.'

'The GSK and The King’s Fund partnership is really important. Some people apply for a GSK IMPACT Award to get access to the Network and that gives you an indication just how rare it is to get this quality of training.The Network really makes the difference in keeping and growing the standards we achieved to gain an award especially when training is so often the first thing to go when organisations have difficult funding decisions to make.'

'Having access to excellent training is unusual, but the dual combination of excellent training while working with a whole range of award-winning charities who are all striving for excellence is unique.'

'Working as a chief executive can be a lonely place to be sometimes. The GSK Network events offer so much to advance both personal development and support.'

Cascading Leadership programme

The Cascading Leadership programme was launched on 15 March 2016. The King’s Fund, in partnership with GSK and Comic Relief, manages the programme which is designed to enable high-performing GSK IMPACT Award winners to share their learning and skills with the wider voluntary and community sector to further develop leadership within the sector.

Find out more about the Cascading Leadership programme