General Election 2010

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Election coverage

During the general election we provided commentary and analysis on the health and social care issues of the three main parties. You can still see the manifesto guides, audio and video content and key election questions.

What are the health priorities for the incoming government?

We set out the three areas that we think the new government should focus on, including responding to the financial challenge, improving the quality of health care, and promoting wellbeing and independence.

Party policies

Our quick guide to the health policies of the main political parties.

Questions & opinions

Key election questions

Our analysis of the main issues facing the NHS today.

Frequently asked questions

From the number of doctors to the size of the NHS budget, get your facts straight with our election FAQs.

What do our experts say?

Chris Ham and John Appleby share their views on the challenges for the new government.

What do the polls say?

How important was health care predicted to be at the polls? Find out with our poll results presentations.

Related video/audio

The NHS at the heart of the election

We were joined by the health ministers from the three main political parties, to hear their views on the NHS and the general election.

The NHS, the election and after...

Ben Page, Chief Executive at Ipsos MORI, explains how the public view the NHS and the election at the Future Challenges for the NHS conference.