A toolkit for collaborative working developed with Future-Focused Finance

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The King’s Fund was commissioned by Future-Focused Finance to develop a toolkit designed to help finance and clinical staff think about how well they work together and find ways to improve collaboration.

Background and next steps

The evidence shows that teams who work better together create better outcomes for patients. Crossing professional boundaries: a toolkit for collaborative working is a simple seven-step process to enable cross-functional teams to reflect on how they work together. The toolkit has been refined following feedback from the pilot phase, and independent evaluation involving 17 of the 24 NHS organisations that took part across the country.

The toolkit is for leaders from NHS clinical and finance teams who want to encourage collaboration across professional boundaries. It is free to the NHS, and can be accessed via the link below.

Crossing professional boundaries: a toolkit for collaborative working

Future-Focused Finance is about ‘Making People Count’ by ensuring that everyone connected with NHS finance has access to the relevant skills, methods and opportunities to influence decision-making in support of the provision of high-quality patient services. This includes those directly involved in using NHS resources – our clinicians, our patients and communities, as well as finance staff at every level.