Whipps Cross University Hospital NHS Trust

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Part of Enhancing the Healing Environment

Date started: 1 Jun 2001
Organisation: acute
Service: adult acute
Project: public spaces


The main entrance, corridor and lift lobby of the maternity unit at Whipps Cross Hospital.

This is now part of Bart's Health NHS Trust.

Aims and outcomes

As part of a wider scheme to upgrade the maternity department, the project team wanted to transform the neglected and drab maternity unit into an area with a welcoming ambience.

The entrance area, lift lobby and corridor had poor signposting, so the team installed a 'welcome desk' similar to that used in the main hospital. Lighting was used to create a welcoming and imaginative feel throughout the unit, and commissioned artworks of local scenes provide interest. By replacing carpet with lino and wallpaper with paint, the team ensured that the design would be easy to maintain.

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