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Part of Enhancing the Healing Environment

Date started: 1 Jan 2006
Organisation: acute
Service: adult acute, end-of-life care
Project: wards

Project location

ENT Ward, St Michael's Hospital, Marlborough Street, Bristol

Aims and outcomes

Research into palliative care needs had shown a requirement for dedicated beds within the Trust. A four-bedded bay was identified for conversion into two en-suite rooms at St Michael's.

The team aimed to create rooms that would be calm, quiet and encourage family and friends to visit. It was decided to use natural materials (wood, leather and fabric) and natural colours throughout the scheme with hotel standard fixtures and fittings.

Both rooms have been furnished in the same non-institutional style, including leather furniture and wooden bed heads. Patients have been given as much control over their environment as practicable, including lighting and heating. Photographs of local scenes were commissioned for the rooms.

A local bathroom retailer designed the en-suite facilities which maximise the space available and include a walk-in shower area with seat. There is an oval window in the door to the suite so that staff can unobtrusively observe patients.

The project was supported by The Charitable Trusts for the United Bristol Hospitals and the Trust.

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