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Part of Enhancing the Healing Environment

Date started: 1 Nov 2003
Organisation: acute
Service: children
Project: public spaces

Project location

Child Health Directorate

Aims and outcomes

The project team wanted to create a more welcoming environment in the entrance to the ward. The aim was to create a non-clinical, child-friendly, multi-purpose entrance area featuring space for relaxation, visual artworks and creative lighting.

More than 100 local primary school children were asked for their views on what would make a child-friendly environment. From this consultation, a naturalistic design theme based on the sea, forest and the planets emerged.

Grass, pebbles and water all feature in the flooring design, while the walls are curved to reflect waves and lighting in the ceiling depicts the stars. Cartoons and other images can be projected onto the walls and children are able to press panels to hear the sound of waves and other seaside noises.

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