South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust

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Part of Enhancing the Healing Environment

Date started: 1 Nov 2003
Organisation: acute
Service: adult acute
Project: outpatients

Project location

Outpatient therapy department, South Tyneside District Hospital

Aims and outcomes

The existing layout of the outpatient therapy departments included little provision for seating except at the main reception. The team wanted to refurbish the corridor areas and create a series of smaller seating areas.

Design students from a local university developed a design scheme featuring different accent colours and shapes for each of the three main corridors. In the main reception area, changes included a new wheelchair-accessible desk and the addition of a plasma screen for displaying health information.

A number of smaller waiting areas were created and new lighting and flooring were installed in each corridor. The corridor used for mobility assessments features measures of distance walked and chairs set into the wall at appropriate rest places.

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