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Part of Enhancing the Healing Environment

Date started: 1 Apr 2008
Organisation: mental health
Service: dementia care, end-of-life care, mental health
Project: wards

Project location

Baswich Ward, St George's Hospital

Aims and outcomes

The hospital provides mental health services and the aim of the project was to enhance privacy and dignity by providing a suite for people with dementia who were receiving palliative care and their relatives, away from the busy ward.

An enclosed suite with kitchenette now leads to two private rooms. One is designed as a palliative care room with access to a small private decked terraced area where a bed or wheelchair can be pushed if desired. The adjoining room has been furnished for relatives with reclining chairs and an en suite toilet and shower for their use.

The design of both rooms was very carefully thought through, taking account of the effect that the environment is known to have on people with dementia.Furniture and fixtures were specially sourced to provide as non-institutional a setting as practicable and colours were chosen to aid orientation.

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