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Part of Enhancing the Healing Environment

Date started: 1 Apr 2008
Organisation: acute
Service: end-of-life care
Project: relatives' rooms, wards


Bishop's Castle Community Hospital

Aims and outcomes

The community hospital serves a very wide rural population and the aim of the project was to provide a palliative care suite with facilities for visitors to stay overnight to avoid them having to travel long distances. The local community were very involved in the decision to allocate two adjoining rooms for end-of-life care and these were converted during a major upgrade of the whole hospital. 

The palliative care room has been designed so that patients can arrange the bed as they wish and the chosen design is non institutional with accent walls and soft furnishings. The relatives' room provides a comfortable and quiet space with reclining chairs, a small kitchenette and shower. Both rooms have large windows that look out onto a small private courtyard.

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