Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

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Part of Enhancing the Healing Environment

Date started: 25 Mar 2010
Organisation: acute
Service: adult acute, dementia care
Project: gardens, public spaces, wards


Emergency Assessment Unit (EAU) and Ward D22, New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton

Aims and outcomes

Two projects were undertaken at the hospital, one to improve bed bays in the EAU and the other to create a garden for the hospital's specialist dementia care ward. 

The EAU project transformed the main entrance to the ward and two of the six bedded bays. The nurses' station was removed and replaced with a reception desk to create a large spacious area with storage cupboards behind. Small workstations were provided for staff in each of the bays and bed spaces personalised with large images of different flowers to help service users to find their way. Lighting and signage was improved around the toilet areas.

The garden adjacent to Ward 22 was created from two parking bays. It has been designed to provide open access to a safe and interesting outside space for patients and visitors. Low maintenance planting which is familiar and interesting has been chosen and patients helped make the decorative mosaics. A soft but hardwearing surface has been used for the paths to ease access for those in wheelchairs.

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