Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust

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Part of Enhancing the Healing Environment

Date started: 1 Jan 2006
Organisation: acute
Service: adult acute, end-of-life care
Project: bereavement areas

Project location

Bereavement office and mortuary viewing room, Sidney Street building, Royal Brompton Hospital  

Aims and outcomes

The hospital consists of a number of buildings located on a busy road. Relatives previously saw bereavement staff in a building some ten minutes away from the mortuary viewing room.

An office in the same building as the viewing facilities was found and converted into a new family room for relatives. To link this room with the viewing area and waiting room the same colour scheme, fixtures and fittings, including leather furniture, dimmable wall lights and small table lamps, were chosen. A light box has been placed outside the entrance to each room to indicate when it is in use.

A small glass window in the viewing room door enables family members to glimpse the room before entering. The room has been repainted with soft blue walls at either end and vertical window blinds have been installed. Specially-designed wood panels hide the mortuary entrance. The bier has been replaced with a bed and counterpane.

This project was supported by the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital Charitable Fund, the League of Friends, the Patient Amenity Fund and the Paediatric Fund.

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