Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic and District Hospital NHS Trust

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Part of Enhancing the Healing Environment

Date started: 1 Nov 2003
Organisation: acute
Service: adult acute
Project: public spaces

Project location

Central reception area, outpatients department

Aims and outcomes

The main hospital corridor lacked visual interest and the project team decided to address this issue by enhancing the admissions reception area which is located on the corridor.

The team decided to commission an artwork to provide an artistic focal point for the reception area and help people find their way around the hospital.

A local community arts group was involved in consultations with the community and art workshops were held to get patients and staff involved in the project.

The commissioned sculpture is based on a 'chrysalis' theme, symbolising change and evolving life. It is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling panels which are decorated on a 'health and nature' theme. The chrysalis is now seen as a hospital landmark.

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