Portsmouth City Teaching Primary Care Trust

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Part of Enhancing the Healing Environment

Date started: 1 Apr 2008
Organisation: community
Service: end-of-life care
Project: public spaces, relatives' rooms

Project location

Jubilee House, Portsmouth

Aims and outcomes

Now part of NHS Portsmouth.

A single doorway to this Grade II listed building provided the only entrance and exit for people and supplies to this 25 bedded NHS nursing home. The project aim was therefore to remodel the entrance and also to provide a separate private exit to the house.

The interior of the entrance was cleverly redesigned to allow the main entrance door to be unlocked as well as providing a small seating area and reception desk. Functionality and space have been maximised by the introduction of a glass and wooden screen that can be pulled across the reception space when the receptionist is not on duty.

A disused bathroom has been transformed into a comfortable room for relatives and also provided space for a separate entrance for funeral directors to the side of the building.

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