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Part of Enhancing the Healing Environment

Date started: 1 Nov 2004
Organisation: mental health
Service: mental health
Project: gardens

Project location

Scarisbrick Centre, Ormskirk Hospital

Aims and Outcomes

The centre cares for elderly adults, most of whom had limited access to outdoor space as the large garden area was difficult to get to, very steep and lacked interest. The brief was to maximise the space available to service users and to make it more widely accessible for individual or group activities.

To accommodate the very steep gradient, the garden has been divided into five levels which are linked by a path of rubberised material suitable for wheelchairs. Water features link both ends of the garden, and the rail alongside the path helps those with more limited mobility. Comfortable seating areas have been provided on four of the levels, bounded by large rocks. The planting has been chosen specifically to accommodate the sloping design with different shades chosen for the different levels.

At the top of the garden a raised patio area with non-slip decking and specially commissioned tables and seating will function as an outdoor social area while affording views of the whole garden.

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