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Part of Enhancing the Healing Environment

Date started: 1 Dec 2005
Organisation: mental health
Service: mental health
Project: public spaces

Project location

Lambourn Grove, St Albans

Aims and Outcomes

The unit has a single main entrance for all elderly service users and there was no reception desk with people entering via a door into what felt like a sitting room. Providing clear direction and a welcome for everybody were key aims for the scheme.

A strong, innovative design was chosen for the scheme and great care taken with every aspect of the redesign. A receptionist now greets people and a waiting area has been created. Bespoke high-backed seating with arms had made the area comfortable and a flat TV screen set into a wooden panel allows people to watch a variety of DVDs while waiting. Double glass doors have been installed to aid temperature control.

The ceiling has become part of the design and echoes the curves of the reception desk and the floor design. The integral LED lighting around the doors to the wards, under the seating area and on the ceiling throws a sequence of different coloured lights to continually add interest.

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