Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust

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Part of Enhancing the Healing Environment

Date started: 1 Oct 2001
Organisation: acute
Service: adult acute
Project: outpatients, public spaces


Two busy clinic areas in the outpatients department at Charing Cross Hospital.

This is now part of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

Aims and outcomes

Following the recent redevelopment of the main hospital reception area, the team chose to redevelop two outpatient clinics to make a significant impact in busy areas where first impressions are key to the experience of patients.

The aim was to use high-quality design to create a comfortable, welcoming, dignified space for patients and staff. Before the redesign, patients had felt as if they were 'in a goldfish bowl' while waiting in the outpatients area. Now, the waiting area has been extended, and the internal layout has been adjusted to accomodate a weighing room and staff facilities including lockers.

The use of stained glass has increased natural light while allowing both patients and staff more privacy.

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