Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

Date started: 
Organisation:  mental health
Service:  mental health
Project:  gardens
The garden was not fully accessible to older service users
Curved, rendered walls separate the gardens
The space in the garden has been maximised

Project location

Greenway Unit, Trafford General Hospital, Davyhulme

Aims and Outcomes

The unit garden was not accessible to the elderly service users or visitors due to uneven pathways and broken paving stones. An additional priority for the team was to provide some quiet spaces, where people could sit in relative privacy to enjoy the space.

Space has been maximised, the garden feels larger and three very different rooms, each with a different feel and purpose have been created. The rooms are delineated by curved rendered walls, which add visual interest. Service users and staff chose the bold colours, while the 'eyes' in the walls give glimpses of the area beyond. Integral LED lighting will ensure that there is always something to look at from the unit's day-room windows.

The existing hedge and trees have been integrated into the design. A water feature is sited in the garden's main social area and a curved wheelchair-accessible path wends between grass mounds and pretty, fragrant, low-maintenance planting.

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