Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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Part of Enhancing the Healing Environment

Date started: 1 Apr 2008
Organisation: acute
Service: adult acute, end-of-life care
Project: gardens


Frimley Park Hospital

Aims and outcomes

The Time Garden project was chosen as a result of a dying patient’s request to go out into one of the courtyard gardens at Frimley Park hospital. This highlighted the need for a space exclusively designed for patients receiving palliative care and their families and friends to provide them with an alternative environment to busy clinical ward areas.

The courtyard walls have been painted to complement the rows of trees while planting has been chosen to add interest throughout the year and to screen more private areas so that more than one family can use the garden at any one time. A variety of artworks have been provided by local students.

The pavilion provides shelter for all weathers and has specifically been designed to accommodate beds and wheelchairs.

Palliative care patients can have 24hr access to the garden – entry being controlled via a swipe card system.

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