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Part of Enhancing the Healing Environment

Date started: 1 Dec 2005
Organisation: mental health
Service: mental health
Project: outpatients

Project location

Forston Clinic, Charminster

Aims and Outcomes

The entrance to the ECT suite was difficult to find and cluttered with filing cabinets and cupboards. There was no direct access from the waiting room to the treatment area which had little storage space.

The waiting room has been extended into the previous entrance corridor, taking over the space previously occupied by the filing cabinets. A glass wall – reflecting the view of trees from the waiting room and commissioned from a local artist – now forms one wall of the enlarged waiting room, and this, together with the carefully chosen colour scheme and modern furniture, creates a tranquil and welcoming feeling.

Patients can now be taken directly to the clinic's treatment room rather than having to return to the corridor. The treatment room has been extended and redecorated and all equipment is now stored inside new cupboards. The recovery areas have also been repainted and the lighting system enhanced.

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