Experience-based co-design toolkit

Working with patients to improve health care

This toolkit outlines a powerful and proven way of improving patients' experience of services, and helps you to understand how it can help you meet your aims. A 2013 global survey discovered that EBCD projects had either been implemented, or were being planned in more than 60 health care organisations, in countries including Australia, Canada, England, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, and the United States.

As well as step-by-step guidance, the toolkit includes videos of people who have taken part in EBCD projects. These help bring to life the successes and range of benefits that can result from implementing this type of improvement project. The toolkit also includes downloadable resources such as template forms, letters, presentations and other materials, to help you plan and carry out this approach.

This latest version of the toolkit was produced in 2013. It incorporates learning and feedback from staff and patients involved in more than 60 EBCD projects, including an important adaptation, the accelerated form of EBCD. More about this toolkit >

This toolkit is now managed by The Point of Care Foundation. For further information or questions regarding the toolkit, please contact info@pointofcarefoundation.org.uk.

Experience-based co-design perspectives

EBCD toolkit: The benefits

Hisham - consultant, EBCD

Staff and patients who have used the EBCD toolkit share their views on the resource and explain how the approach has helped to improve patient experience.

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