A Transformation Fund to sustain the future of the NHS

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The NHS faces unprecedented challenges as a result of the changing care needs of an ageing population, rising demand for services and an unprecedented funding squeeze. There is now a consensus that significant changes to services are needed to meet these challenges.

Our report, in partnership with the Health Foundation, calls for a Transformation Fund to finance and drive forward essential changes to services. This requires £1.5–£2.1 billion a year in dedicated funding between now and 2020/21.

More about the project

In our report on the NHS productivity challenge we argued that a ‘Transformation Fund’ is needed to help meet the costs of developing new community-based services and double-running during the transition between old and new models of care.

The Health Foundation and The King’s Fund have developed a proposal for a Transformation Fund, exploring:

  • what level of resources might be required for a Transformation Fund that would cover investment in new services, double running with existing services and the process of change
  • how the existing resources tied up in surplus assets and estates might be released to support a Transformation Fund
  • how a Transformation Fund should be administered and over what period of time, in order to secure real service change.

The report draws on analysis conducted by the two organisations, in particular six case studies of funding transformation, in the health sector and beyond, along with examples of local NHS initiatives. It also captures the experience of NHS leaders and some of those organisations across the NHS that have been at the forefront of efforts to implement changes in the delivery of care.