Developing the CQC's approach to the assessment of leadership, culture and governance

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We were commissioned to support the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in developing its approach to assessing leadership, culture and governance. We developed a conceptual model and supporting tools for assessing culture and leadership for use by the CQC in their inspections from April 2014.

The aim of the work was to enable the CQC to identify the key leadership behaviours and values that should be assessed so that they can determine whether trusts have the appropriate leadership in place to ensure they are performing effectively and improving.

The work was led by Professor Michael West, Senior Fellow at The King's Fund. Professor West and the team have extensive experience of qualitative and quantitative research in the areas of culture, leadership and governance. The focus of Professor West's research over 30 years has been culture and leadership in organisations and he has led the Department of Health Policy Research Programme into cultures of quality and safety in the NHS in England over the past four years. He has also led the national staff survey development and implementation for eight years and has built an unparalleled evidence base.

The King's Fund team: