Assessing the evidence on polyclinics

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What did we do in this project?

Our report brings together the results of our research, assessing whether polyclinics really can deliver better, more accessible care, and bring down costs. Among its findings, the report shows that bringing staff together in one building doesn't necessarily change the way they work or improve the service they provide.

The final report was published in June 2008: Under one roof: will polyclinics deliver integrated care?

Why are we interested in this project?

We wanted to find out if polyclinics really can deliver the changes the government wants to see for health care in England.

Following a review of 93 operational NHS LIFT (local improvement finance trust) schemes, we found 12 that fitted the polyclinic model most closely, and conducted interviews with staff, patient surveys and three site visits.

Comparing this to existing research and international case studies, we considered some of the key differences in contexts between England, Germany and the United States.