Accountable care systems: how are they emerging in England?

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Why we are doing this project

There is growing interest in developing accountable care systems (ACSs) as a way to integrate care and improve population health. NHS England has outlined ambitions for sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) to evolve into ACSs. Eight areas of England have been identified to lead their development.  

But what is happening in the areas developing ACSs, and what can others learn from their experiences?  

The aim of this work is to bring together information on how ACSs are developing in England; identify learning for local and national leaders; share examples of good practice; and highlight issues that need to be resolved to support their development.  

What we are doing

The project involves three main components: 

  • reviewing plans from areas developing accountable care systems 
  • conducting interviews with leaders and other local stakeholders from these areas to explore how plans are being developed and implemented in practice  
  • comparing approaches across the different areas to identify learning for others. 

Key milestones

We will be publishing a report in summer 2018. 



Anna Charles

Senior Policy Adviser to the Chief Executive


Matthew Kershaw

Senior Fellow in Health Policy


Lillie Wenzel

Fellow in Health Policy