Our projects combine original research with objective analysis to influence health and social care policy, support managers in health care and generate informed debate.

120 years of The King's Fund

2017 marks the 120th anniversary of The King's Fund. We'll be celebrating our rich history throughout the year.

A new relationship with patients, service users and citizens

We are exploring what a more collaborative relationship with patients, service users and citizens might look like, and how we could support it.

A programme with NHS Improvement to support culture change through collective leadership

Our work on a two-year programme with NHS Improvement to help trusts develop a culture that enables and sustains safe, high quality, compassionate care.

A vision for the future of community-based health services

We are working to develop a vision for the future of community-based health services.

Alternative guides to health care

Three animated videos that explain how the health and care system in England works - one on the NHS as a whole, one on urgent and emergency care and one on mental health.

Carter review on productivity in NHS hospitals

A selection of our work on topics related to the Carter review of efficiency in NHS hospitals: value, productivity and variations in health care.

Clinical leadership

Evidence shows that clinical engagement is clearly linked to better outcomes and better care for patients. We believe that clinical leadership and engagement need to be a priority right across the NHS.

Collective leadership

Collective leadership means everyone taking responsibility for the success of the organisation as a whole – not just their own jobs. It requires leadership power to be distributed to wherever expertise, capability and motivation sit.

Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England

Twelve recommendations for a vision of a more integrated health and social care service, simpler pathways through it and more equal treatment for equal needs.

Could online user-generated content revolutionise health services?

In partnership with the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media (CASM) at Demos, we are studying the ability of big data analytics to make use of citizen-generated health data.

CQC provider ratings and their impact on care quality

Research examining how health and social care providers, the public and other key stakeholders have responded to Care Quality Commission performance ratings.


Devolving responsibility for health and social care to local areas has emerged as one of the new government’s defining policy agendas. However, questions remain about its implications for the NHS and social care.

Frontline clinical care in acute hospitals

Our research looks at pressures on frontline clinical care in acute hospitals.

General election 2017

The NHS, health and care are all major issues for the 2017 UK general election. Read our analysis.


The GSK IMPACT Awards have been running since 1997 and are designed to recognise and reward charities that are doing excellent work to improve people’s health and wellbeing.

How should the NHS be funded?

With the NHS under huge financial pressure, questions are being raised about the sustainability of its funding model. Here we pull together a range of content around the NHS funding debate.

Improving NHS culture

It is now accepted that healthy cultures in NHS organisations are crucial to ensuring the delivery of high-quality patient care. So which characteristics are fundamental to a healthy culture?

Leadership in action

This series of publications offers practical advice for leaders in health and social care (including board members) to improve their leadership skills.

Managing digital change successfully in health and social care

This project will review the use of digital technology in care and will identify the key factors for successful implementation of digital transformation.

Older people’s experiences of district nursing services

This project was done to improve our understanding of quality in district nursing services by learning from the experiences of older people receiving care, their informal carers and district nursing staff.

Our work with CQC on a tool to assess leadership and culture in primary health care

We've partnered with the Care Quality Commission to develop a self-assessment tool aimed at improving leadership and culture in primary health care.

Pressures in general practice

This project aims to increase our understanding of the workload in general practice and why GPs report feeling under so much pressure, and to make recommendations about what might be done.

Public satisfaction with the NHS

The annual British Social Attitudes (BSA) survey asks members of the public about their views on, and feelings towards, the NHS and health and care issues generally.

Quality improvement in mental health care

This project focuses on clinical and non-clinical leaders in NHS mental health care trusts to understand how they can help build a culture of quality improvement within their organisations.

Quarterly monitoring report

Our quarterly monitoring reports provide a regular update on how the NHS in England is performing. We examine the views of finance directors on the productivity challenge they face, as well as key NHS performance data.

Spring Budget 2017

A collection of work on NHS and social care funding and finances of particular relevance to the Spring Budget 2017.

Supporting new NHS care models

The King’s Fund is working with NHS and care organisations to support the development of the new care models set out in the NHS five year forward view.

System leadership

We work with leaders across communities to support collaboration in a number of ways – for example, by helping to develop whole-system leadership for integrated care, or by supporting the development of new models of care across organisational boundaries.

The future of HIV services in England

This project, funded by the M·A·C AIDS Fund, will look across the HIV ‘pathway’ from prevention to treatment and ongoing support, and consider how system-level policy developments apply to HIV services.

The NHS five year forward view

The NHS five year forward view set out a positive vision for the future based around seven new models of care. Here we highlight our research, analysis, events and other content relevant to the main themes in the report.

The sustainability of social care services

A research project, working in partnership with the Nuffield Trust, to understand the effects of public spending reductions on social care services.

Urgent and emergency care

We've pulled together some information on the pressures on urgent and emergency care to help you make sense of the facts and figures behind the recent headlines.

Volunteering in general practice

This project brings together information on volunteering in general practice across England.