Tackling the worst health outcomes: a 2020-24 strategic priority

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It is well known that some groups in the population have significantly poorer health outcomes and worse experiences of using health and care services than others. This has been underlined by the Covid-19 pandemic, with some groups experiencing much higher mortality rates than others. By identifying tackling the worst health outcomes as a strategic priority for 2020–24, The King’s Fund is signalling a new commitment to focusing attention on these issues and working to address them.

What do we want to achieve?

The programme will work with people with lived experience, communities and services to improve health and care for people with the worst health outcomes in England.

This programme will work with organisations and individuals  to:

  • develop a much better understanding of the lived experience of people at greatest risk of poor health, so policy and practice can be shaped by those experiences
  • develop and share learning about what works, to support widespread adoption of health and care policy and practices that improve health and wellbeing for people with the worst health outcomes
  • support the health and care system and its partners to work together towards this goal. 

Our focus will be on the critical role the health and care system can play in this by improving services and through working in partnership with other sectors.

What will the programme focus on?

During 2021 we will:

  • establish the Fund’s voice in this area through research, explainers and developing ways to increase the focus on inequalities in our leadership and organisational development work
  • further refine our approach, including developing our approach to working with people with lived experience and defining the programme’s focus up to 2024
  • ensure all the Fund’s work considers inequalities and the poor experiences that underlie them.

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Ruth Robertson

Programme lead, Tackling the worst health outcomes