Foundations of health and care: a 2020-24 strategic priority

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Our broad knowledge of the health and care system and the relationships we hold across the system form the foundation of our work. We will continue to provide independent analysis, explain key issues and respond to developments across the breadth of health and care, making sense of a complex and changing landscape. This will include using our independence to speak truth to power and challenge vested interests.

What do we want to achieve?

The purpose of this work programme is to:

  • influence improvements to the way the health and care system is structured and funded, by providing independent analysis, commentary and research
  • shape and influence external debate on important topical issues that have a profound impact on the health and care system
  • make sense of how the health and care system works as a whole for people who work within it or need to understand it 

What will the programme focus on?

During 2021 we will:

  • track and scope new areas of focus including access to medicines and the resilience of the supply chains that support the health and care system
  • influence and inform external debates on key issues, for example, the NHS White Paper and legislation, social care funding and reforms to the public health system
  • develop innovative thinking about how the social care market could be reformed and look at how government reforms to the public health system are being implemented in practice
  • continue our work to support our audiences to make sense of the overarching health and care system, including our Health and care explained conferences, our online NHS explained course and our Social care 360 report on the key trends in the adult social care sector.
  • Given that the external environment is rapidly changing, we will also respond to major developments on foundational issues.

Resources and key projects

Catch up with some of the programme's reports, projects and resources.


Access to new medicines in the English NHS

Have you ever wondered how new medicines are developed, approved and priced? This explainer outlines the long journey from the discovery of a new drug to when it becomes available on the NHS.


Brexit and the end of the transition period: what does it mean for the health and care system?

On Christmas Eve 2020 a new EU-UK trade and co-operation deal was agreed. Jonathon Holmes looks at what the new deal means for the health and care system.


The health and social care White Paper explained

In February 2021, the Department of Health and Social Care published a White Paper setting out legislative proposals for a health and care Bill. Here, we consider the proposals and what they might mean for the health and care system in England.


Why the market matters in adult social care (and what we can do about it)

There are endemic failures in the adult social care market. In this joint blog with colleagues from the Health Foundation, we explain why reform is needed and identify a set of questions we think need to be explored. 

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Siva Anandaciva

Programme lead, Foundations of health and care