Survey explodes myth about mental health services

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The King's Fund today welcomed the results of the Healthcare Commission's survey of over 27,000 mental health service users - the first national survey giving a comprehensive picture of what those who use these services think.

The King's Fund Chief Executive Niall Dickson said:

'Too often people knock mental health care in this country - this survey explodes the myth that there is widespread dissatisfaction. Three out of four people who use mental health services are pleased with the support they receive and they clearly have good relationships with their doctors, nurses and other mental health professionals.'

Niall Dickson believes the survey should be used by mental health services to review how they provide care.

'Of course it is not all good news. There are still thousands who do not feel they are being adequately supported. Too many are not being given the information they need about their treatment, too many do not have adequate care plans and too many have their appointments cancelled.

'And there is real concern about the lack of help with housing, employment and benefits. These are the vital social supports we all need to let us get on with our lives - co-ordinated and effective action in these areas is long overdue.'

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