Revalidation is adding value but there is more to do, report reveals

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Our new report, Medical revalidation: from compliance to commitment, finds that revalidation has been successful in driving compliance in the appraisal process for doctors but advises leaders not to ‘rest on their laurels’. For revalidation to reach its full potential it recommends leaders look beyond the process to encourage commitment to professional development and improving patient care.

Vijaya Nath, Assistant Director in Leadership Development at The King’s Fund said: 'The roll out of revalidation has led to more doctors complying with the appraisal process. However, it is too often seen as a tick-box exercise when it could be used as a powerful tool to drive professional development and improve organisational culture. Leaders play a critical role supporting doctors to work in this way so they are motivated to improve patient care ‘when no one is watching’. This will enable doctors to move from compliance to commitment.'

The NHS Revalidation Support Team and Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry have also published reports on medical revalidation today.

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