Our response to the proposed new partnership for health and social care in Greater Manchester

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Commenting on the proposed new partnership for health and social care in Greater Manchester, Richard Humphries, Assistant Director of Policy at The King’s Fund, said:

‘The news that Greater Manchester’s local authorities and NHS are close to agreeing a deal with NHS England to establish a new partnership for health and social care across the Manchester region is very significant.

‘If implemented effectively, this could be a step towards a big prize – a single, seamless health and social care system delivering integrated care for people in Greater Manchester. It also provides an opportunity for councils and the NHS to work together to improve health and wellbeing in the region.

‘While the ambition is welcome, more details are needed about how the partnership will work in practice and who will be accountable for the £6 billion of NHS resources involved in the deal. It will be important to avoid the distraction of further organisational change and to clarify how the Health Secretary’s accountability for the NHS as a whole fits with the greater responsibility given to local government’.

‘Manchester has been chosen to test out this new way of working because of the strength of local relationships. It is unlikely that many other areas are yet in a position to follow its lead.’

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