Response to the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee report on local government funding

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Commenting on the Housing, Communities and Local Government (HCLG) Committee report on local government finance, Sally Warren, Director of Policy at The King’s Fund, said:

‘Years of cuts to local government funding are having a real impact on services that support the wellbeing of the whole community – like libraries, leisure centres and local parks – as well as for critical social care and public health services.

‘The new report from the HCLG Committee rightly focuses on the need to improve social care funding for local authorities in the short term. But the social care system is no longer fit for purpose, and long-term reform is needed to solve this issue for the future. I hope the Prime Minister will see good on his commitment to fix social care and give people the confidence that care will be available in the quantity and of the quality we would all want for ourselves and our families.

‘At the same time, cuts to the public health budget mean that local authorities are increasingly focusing on treatment at the expense of prevention services that could help people avoid health problems in the first place. Reductions in funding have coincided with rising incidence of some sexually transmitted infections, record numbers of drug deaths and a stall in life expectancy gains. A £1 billion funding boost is needed to restore services to the level they were at in 2015/16.’


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