The King's Fund welcomes major three-year survey of NHS staff attitudes in London

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The King's Fund today welcomes the findings of the Institute for Employment Studies report, Healthy Attitudes: Quality of Working Life in the London NHS. The three-year study of almost 100,000 NHS staff in London reveals the capital's health care workers are generally more satisfied in their working lives.

The King's Fund chief executive Niall Dickson said:

'This study is very encouraging and shows that despite the challenges of living and working in London, the NHS is making great strides in improving the working lives of health care workers in the capital. In particular, we welcome the fact that more health workers now wish to stay longer in their jobs and that staff are generally feeling more valued.'

The King's Fund health fellow Pippa Gough added:

'London is distinct from the rest of the country and faces particular challenges, such as above average turnover and vacancy rates and high property prices. As the King's Fund's recent report In Capital Health? revealed, this puts great pressure on the capital's health care workforce. Despite this, London has many unique selling points. It has the most ethnically diverse workforce, as well as a generally younger workforce. The scale of the challenge facing the NHS workforce in London is huge, but so too are its resources and capacity.'

Notes to editors

1. The findings of the Institute for Employment Studies report were presented today at a conference hosted by the King's Fund, NHS Confederation and SHRINE, the network of London's NHS human resource managers.

2. For detailed information about the IES report, please contact Tim Blanchard on 01727 850761 or 01954 715592.

3. In Capital Health? Creative solutions to London's NHS workforce challenges, by James Buchan, Belinda Finlayson and Pippa Gough, is available from The King's Fund publications on 020 7307 2591 or on our online bookshop.