The King's Fund tops survey of medical directors

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A recent study by Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority has named The King's Fund as the most popular provider of learning programmes for NHS medical directors. The survey took place from December 2013 to January 2014 and was designed to find out about the demands of the medical director role in today's NHS, the structural and learning support available and what additional support they would find helpful.

The main findings of the survey showed that it would be useful for medical directors to have:

  • greater role clarity 
  • clearer training and career pathways 
  • organisational and peer support - from above, below and alongside 
  • more acknowledgement of the strategic as well as the operational aspects of the role 
  • a means of identifying the medical directors of the future and making it a clearer career option that more people will consider. 

The survey, Supporting the role of the medical director, asked the question 'what learning programmes have you done and what would you recommend?'. The King's Fund was the most frequently-cited provider, with respondents mentioning the Senior clinical leaders programme, alongside the Seattle study tour.

Commenting on the survey, Vijaya Nath, Director of Leadership Development, and Clinical Leadership programme lead, said: 'We're delighted that medical directors have voted us the most popular provider of learning programmes.

'Medical leadership and engagement has been a focus of the Fund for many years and our own research has highlighted the need for NHS organisations to attach high priority to engaging clinical staff and developing their leadership capability. We are proud to work with clinical leaders at all levels in their careers – from emerging clinical leaders through to medical directors.'