The King's Fund statement on Wanless Review into social care funding for older people

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The King's Fund can confirm today's story in the Financial Times that it has commissioned former NatWest Group chief executive Derek Wanless to carry out a review into social care funding for older people in England.

This follows the two independent reviews Wanless conducted for the Treasury on future health care spending in the UK. In his first review, Securing Our Future Health: Taking A Long-Term View, Wanless recommended that future reviews of this type should consider the challenges and demands facing social care and the resources needed to meet them.

Although the social care review will focus on older people, it is envisaged that its scope will be extended in the future to cover other areas of adult social care, such as mental illness and learning disabilities.

Wanless and The King's Fund are in the process of assembling a team to conduct the review, which is expected to report back in spring 2006.

The review will be formally launched at a press conference at The King's Fund at 10.30am on Monday, 31 January 2005. Full details of the review, including its terms of reference, will be published then.

Notes to editors

1. No further information will be released to the media until the formal launch on Monday, 31 January 2005. However, if you do have any general queries about the launch please contact Daniel Reynolds in The King's Fund Media and Public Relations office on 020 7307 2581, or 07831 544927; or Michael Moruzzi on 020 7307 2585.

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