The King's Fund response to CQC State of Care report

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Commenting on The State of Health Care and Adult Social Care in England published today by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), The King's Fund's acting chief executive, Dr Anna Dixon, said:

'No matter who is in power after the next election, public spending will be heavily constrained. This will mean low or zero growth for the health and social care sectors, which combined with rising demand, will feel like a cut to most organisations.

'This report points to how savings could be made and quality of care improved by reducing emergency hospital admissions, decreasing local variations and personalising care for older people and patients with complex needs.

'It is really interesting to see health and social care assessed alongside each other in this report. But the idea that those services need to be better integrated in order to deliver more joined-up, patient-centred care is not new. The challenge is in making it happen. The CQC should do all it can to encourage the shift of care out of hospital and residential care into the community and closer to people's homes. They must work with the government to ensure that all targets and incentives in the health and social care systems are aligned to promote this change.

'It is reassuring that the majority of organisations are delivering safe care, but worrying that there still continue to be a small number of consistently failing organisations year after year. The regulator has a vital role in ensuring that standards continue to be met and improved upon even as funding is squeezed.'

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