The King's Fund calls for immediate powerful government health action and major long term policy changes - backed by public opinion poll

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As the government closes its public health consultation today, The King's Fund calls for immediate and specific action on diet, exercise and smoking, leading to long-term integration of policy on disease prevention, health improvement and management of chronic conditions.

And a simultaneous public poll from The King's Fund shows that three quarters of the population want the governement to discourage people from putting their own health at risk. The survey, Public Attitudes to Public Health Policy, also indicates that two thirds of people want a smoking ban in public places, 73 per cent want a stop on advertising junk foods to children and 72 per cent want food labels informing them of nutritional value.

The King's Fund response to the government consultation calls for:

  • Putting prevention at the heart of a health system, the aim of The King's Fund work programme Putting Health First.
  • Improving the management of chronic conditions such as heart failure and lung disease, as early intervention can prevent future hospital admission.
  • Personalised Health Plans, which would be drawn up by each individual as an assessment of their current state of health and what needs to be done. This would be amended at consultations at critical life stages.
  • Tackling health inequalities. 64 per cent of The King's Fund survey responses.

Notes to editors

1. For further information and interviews, please contact Beverley Cohen in The King's Fund media and public affairs office on 020 7307 2632 or Michael Moruzzi on 020 7307 2585.