GMC appoints Niall Dickson as its new chief executive

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The General Medical Council has announced that it has appointed The King's Fund's chief executive Niall Dickson as its new chief executive. Niall Dickson will remain at the Fund until the end of the year before formally starting in his new role in January 2010.

Commenting on the appointment, The King's Fund's chair Sir Cyril Chantler said:

'Niall has been a superb asset to the Fund over the past six years. Under his leadership the Fund has raised its profile and strengthened its expertise in shaping policy, transforming services and supporting leaders in the health service. He has brought tremendous passion and dynamism to the organisation and has helped to cement the Fund's role as the foremost, independent commentator on health care in this country.

'One of Niall’s most significant legacies will be the strengthening of the Fund's health care improvement work, which combines expertise in research, policy analysis and leadership to work directly with clinicians and managers to help them drive up standards, deliver better value and bring about lasting improvements in key areas. We have become more than a think tank and that is largely due to Niall's vision for creating an organisation that is more relevant to those working in health and social care.

'Niall's time at the Fund will also be remembered for high profile research that has had a direct impact on policy. In particular, the review of social care funding led by Sir Derek Wanless helped convince policymakers of the need for reforming the social care system and led directly to a Green Paper, while the review Niall commissioned into the safety of maternity services, and the subsequent work now being carried out by the Fund with maternity units, has and will continue to have a real impact on front-line services.

'And he has also created a tremendous resource for the health and social care community following the major refurbishment of both our building and online resources. The Fund now has a range of facilities and information services that will be of great value to professionals for many years to come.'

Sir Cyril added:

'Niall leaves behind a strong senior management team that will continue to drive through the Fund's strategy while his successor is recruited. Niall will be with us until the end of the year and we will be seeking to appoint the right candidate to progress the work of the Fund. We very much look forward to working with Niall at the GMC and wish him every success in his new role.'

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