The Fund pays tribute to Dame Cicely - Founder of the Hospice Movement

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One of the great figures of twentieth century healthcare has died. Dame Cecily Saunders, the pioneer of the modern hospice movement died on Thursday 14 July at St Christopher's in south London, the world famous hospice that she established in the 1960s.

The King's Fund played a key role in helping Dame Cicely develop her ideas in the 1960s. It provided the initial grant to purchase the hospice site at Lawrie Park Road, and over the next ten years, provided grants totalling more than £40,000 that funded a research department, various pieces of equipment, a patients' sun lounge and landscaping.

The Fund's Chief Executive Niall Dickson said,

'Dame Cicely was a towering figure in modern healthcare. She not only gave birth to the worldwide hospice movement, she was an inspirational leader who she put palliative care on the map and raised standards of care for millions suffering life threatening illness. We are enormously proud of the early contribution the Fund made to assist this exceptional woman in her exceptional work.'