How we can work with you to develop system leadership

Our development support is informed by our own research into integrated care and system leadership and our long history of working with organisations across the NHS.

Learning networks

The Fund runs a number of learning networks that support communities of health and care organisations to develop and implement new models of integrated care.

Learning networks provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning, challenge, and information-sharing, and the opportunity to work through issues with colleagues facing similar challenges. External speakers are invited to share insights and knowledge on relevant topics, and the groups are able to draw on expertise from staff at the Fund, as well as our latest research and publications.

Building collaborative leadership across health and care organisations

This programme is designed to support chief executives to lead their organisations more effectively within the current health and care system. Find out more about the programme.

On-site support

We also work on-site with a small number of organisations and communities to support their efforts to develop more integrated models of care.

Our approach is flexible depending on who we're working with and what support they need. For example, we might work across a community through workshops to help develop more collaborative ways of working between leaders from different organisations. Other projects might involve us looking more closely at particular aspects of an organisation’s integrated care plans to offer our perspective and expert input. Some of our learning networks also include the option of additional on-site support.

Whatever our approach, all the support we give is based on evidence from our own research and our experiences of working with others in England and internationally.

Getting in touch

To find out more about our learning networks or on-site support, please contact our integrated care programme manager Hugh Alderwick on 020 7307 2504 or