How we can support you with ACOs, new care models and STPs

We offer a range of programmes and support for those involved with the strategy, planning and implementation of new care models and better integrated care. This includes support for developing accountable care organisations (ACOs), sustainability and transformation plans (STPs), primary and acute care systems (PACS), acute care collaboration (ACC) and more.

Find out more about our programmes and support in this area.

Learning network on accountable care organisations (ACOs)

The King’s Fund is launching a new learning network in 2017 focused on developing models of accountable care in England. The programme is for senior health and care leaders actively involved in developing ACOs and other new care models for their local population.

The network will hold three facilitated meetings here at The King’s Fund for member communities to share learning and experiences and to hear from national and international experts. In addition, we will organise two site visits to areas involved in the network or to other places of interest. Meetings will cover a range of topics depending on the focus of those involved – such as clinical engagement, risk-sharing arrangements, governance models and new ways of co-ordinating care. We will also share learning from international evidence and experience of ACOs and similar models.

We are currently calling for expressions of interest from communities who want to be involved in the network. We would encourage applications from groups of organisations working together. The first meeting will be held on 23 March 2017.

Building collaborative leadership

This programme has been designed to support chief executives, CCG chairs and experienced senior directors working in local system leadership groups. This might include leadership groups working together on STPs. The programme provides participants with a protected space to work on real issues and develop a more collaborative leadership style. A range of different tools and frameworks to support collaborative leadership are shared with participants to inform their practice. The programme is limited to 16 participants and involves four modules, each spanning two days.

Learning network: redesigning systems of care

In spring 2017 we will be running another of our highly successful integrated care learning networks. The network aims to support clinicians and managers from across the NHS and local government in redesigning health and social care services to meet the needs of people living with chronic conditions. It will be limited to senior clinicians and managers from six locations and will draw on experts from The King’s Fund and on relevant research.

The network also provides an opportunity for facilitated peer-to-peer learning and challenge, allowing participants to work through issues in a safe space with colleagues facing similar issues. External speakers are invited to share insights and knowledge on relevant topics, depending on the focus and aims of the communities involved.

Supporting you where you are

The King’s Fund also provides in-depth support to leaders and organisations where they are based in their efforts to develop ACOs and other new care models. We bring our knowledge of what is happening across England and other countries, as well as our expertise in helping leaders to work more collaboratively within and between organisations. This support is tailored to the needs of the organisations involved, but might include advice on developing new forms of system leadership or understanding international evidence on new care models.

We only work with a small number of communities ‘in place’ each year. We seek to develop long-term partnerships with these communities to provide the most effective support for their work.

Support for PACS and ACCs

The King’s Fund is leading a community of practice for the nine integrated primary and acute care system (PACS) vanguards. The aim is to develop thinking and share learning on the leadership and governance of these new systems, on how to effectively engage medical leaders in their development, and how to deliver the necessary cultural change to support them. We are also leading a community of practice for the acute care collaboration (ACC) vanguards, in partnership with the Nuffield Trust.

We bring evidence and experience from international approaches to the development of new care models. Don Berwick, International Visiting Fellow at The King’s Fund, is actively involved in supporting this work.

Integrating physical and mental health learning network

This network brings together senior clinicians and managers from across the country to help them work collectively to overcome common challenges to integrating physical and mental health services. It also uses relevant evidence to help participants learn from best practice approaches.

The network consists of four meetings over eight months. At each meeting participants will share learning and discuss ideas in relation to a specific topic. These topics will be selected in consultation with sites participating in the network.

As well as allowing participants to explore innovative models of care from the UK and other countries, there will also be a focus on the process of leading change, drawing on a range of insights from leadership development theory and practice.