How we can work with you to develop medical leadership

We offer support to NHS providers seeking to improve care and outcomes by strengthening leadership at all levels, including clinical leadership, and developing capabilities for service improvement.

Our offer builds on our recent publications on collective leadership and the lessons to be learnt from organisations with high levels of medical engagement. Making a reality of these ideas requires NHS providers to invest in leadership development and the development of quality improvement skills.

One of the ways we support organisations is to work through an improvement process to ensure that the choices and actions of all clinical leaders are aligned with the organisation’s strategy.

The King’s Fund improvement process

This involves four key stages over six or seven days:


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Stage 1

A planning retreat for the board/senior leadership team. We provide support and challenge to help answer the questions: Where are we now? Where do we want to go? The key outcome is an agreed set of priorities around quality improvement.

Stage 2

A project management briefing for the administrative support team. We help members of the support team to think about the challenges they will face and support them to gain the confidence to deal with the clinicians leading their quality improvement projects.

Stage 3

Team-based training for clinical leadership teams. In this stage we support the delivery team in the development of their leadership skills (managing both up and down). Our purpose is to create a high-performing team that is well-led and equipped to meet its project goals, and ensure that these goals are aligned to those of the organisation.

Stage 4

A review of the programme with board/senior leadership team. We facilitate this review, providing the group with time to reflect on how it has gone. The desired outcome is a plan of the key next steps.

Getting in touch

For more information, or an informal discussion, please contact Matthew Rice