Clinical leadership

We work with clinical leaders, including doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, at all stages in their careers. Evidence shows that clinical engagement is clearly linked to better outcomes and better care for patients. We believe that clinical leadership and engagement need to be a priority right across the NHS.

Our research shows the importance of engaging clinical staff and developing their leadership capability throughout an organisation – as well as highlighting how difficult this can often be and how these challenges can be overcome.

We support clinicians to develop their capacity to influence change within their organisation, increase their confidence and resilience as leaders, and to balance the complex range of responsibilities demanded of them.

The King's Fund was named the most popular provider of learning programmes for NHS medical directors in a recent study by Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority.

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Three challenges for clinical leaders in 2016
Vijaya Nath reviews the challenges for clinical leaders in the year ahead.


Why is medical leadership important in the health service?
Binita Kane considers the challenge of aligning the different perspectives of managers and frontline medical staff.

Anna Moore.jpg

Clinical leaders need to bring their experience to service re-design
Anna Moore reflects on how medical leaders can help to develop new models of care and integrate services around the needs of patients.


Advancing women in medicine summit
See video highlights of the summit with presentations from Jeremy Hunt, Sally Davies and Kate Granger.

Vijaya Nath in conversation with Clare Marx
Vijaya Nath talks to Clare Marx about some of the challenges facing women in medicine.

Women in medical leadership infographic teaser

Women in medical leadership infographic
Women and medical leadership infographics
Our infographics explore some key facts and figures around women and medical leadership.

What is the impact of revalidation on clinicians?
We spoke to a number of clinicians who are preparing for, or have completed, the revalidation process.

Perspectives on medical engagement
Interviews showcasing the work of organisations that have created cultures of medical engagement.

Research and insight

Medical engagement: a journey not an event
Our new report looks at case studies of four NHS trusts with high levels of medical engagement.

Medical revalidation: from compliance to commitment
Our assessment of the impact to date of medical revalidation on the behaviour of doctors.