Building collaborative leadership across health and care organisations

NHS providers, commissioners, local authorities and third sector organisations are working together in new ways to tackle local challenges by developing sustainability and transformation plans (STPs), and delivering care in different ways through system-wide partnerships, accountable care organisations and vanguards.

This programme has been designed to support chief executives and experienced senior directors to develop the skills and behaviours to support the more collaborative style of leadership needed for these new care models.

Recent NHS planning guidance stresses the importance of senior leaders in local health and care organisations working together to secure the transformational change necessary to meet rising demand and growing financial pressures.

The introduction of new governance arrangements locally to support the development of STPs and/or new care models will only be effective where senior leaders are working collaboratively. This will require, among other things, a greater understanding of the challenges facing individual leaders and their organisations and an agreed, shared commitment across leadership groups, as well as clarity over how they will hold one another to account. Open and honest discussions between leaders within a local system will accelerate the pace of change.

Who is it for?

This programme is for chief executives of NHS providers, chairs and chief operating officers of clinical commissioning groups, and experienced senior directors involved in planning and securing transformational change locally.

How will participants benefit from this programme?

Participants will:

  • acquire a greater understanding of the challenges facing leaders across different health and social care organisations
  • gain knowledge of tools and conceptual frameworks that support collaborative leadership
  • have the opportunity to identify at an individual level how they will make a tangible difference as a collaborative leader in their local health and social care system
  • use strategies and tools to help them overcome local challenges and constraints that may be hindering collaborative leadership
  • gain an understanding of the different perspectives from, challenges for and agendas of the different parts of the health and social care system
  • have the opportunity to participate in a national network with other NHS and social care leaders.

What will the programme involve?

This programme will explore the key elements required for collaborative leadership across a health and care system. It comprises four two-day sessions, with each session beginning late afternoon on day one.

The programme will provide experienced leaders with protected space to develop the skills and behaviours associated with a more collaborative style of leadership. It will also explore the style, culture and behaviour that participants are setting within their organisation – as staff at all levels will need to work more collaboratively across organisational boundaries if new health and care models are to succeed.

Programme team

This programme will be delivered by Dr Nicola Walsh, Assistant Director of Leadership, and other senior staff from The King’s Fund. High-profile guest speakers from the public and independent sectors will be invited to share their own experience of securing change through working with other organisational leaders in a collaborative manner. The maximum number of participants will be 16.