General practice learning network

General practice in England is changing. This new learning network is designed to support GP leaders and senior managers leading the development of new forms of local general practice organisations to strengthen local ‘out of hospital’ services.

About the learning network

Rising public expectations combined with demographic changes and an increase in the number of people with more than one long-term condition is leading to growing workload pressures in general practice across England. Financial and recruitment difficulties are compounding these pressures and in many parts of the country GPs are linking practices together in federations, networks or merged partnerships to increase the scale and organisational efficiency of general practice.

The network meetings will be facilitated and will provide a protected space to hold frank discussions about the reality of implementing new organisational forms and new ways of working. Many of the new models set out in the Five year forward view for general practice (2016) are based on the premise of general practice and associated primary care services working differently in the future. This includes working in more pro-actively with registered patients and populations; adopting new technologies to improve access and more pro-active management; changing the skill-mix within general practice; and linking GP practices together or/and working more collaboratively with other health and care organisations. We also know that strong primary care services are an important component of preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and delivering more integrated care services.

Who is it for?

There will be a maximum of 12 participants – GP leaders and senior managers – in the network thereby allowing plenty of time for discussion and learning.

How you will benefit from this programme?

This network is for GPs and senior managers leading organisational change and changes in working practice within a new organisational model of care. The emphasis will be on working on practical issues to support the implementation of change at a local level. Topics will be selected in consultation with network members to ensure they are relevant. Large conferences, national guidance and toolkits are often based on ‘good practice’ whereas this network will provide the space to hold frank discussions about the difficulties that people face along the way of implementation. The emphasis will be on working through practical issues on topics such as clinical leadership and engagement, governance and risk-sharing arrangements. National and international speakers will be invited to contribute to network meetings. The group will also be able to draw on expertise from staff at the Fund, as well as our latest research and publications.

What you will do on this programme?

The learning network will meet five times over an eleven-month period. The meetings will be one day in length and will normally be held at the Fund. The topics covered at these meetings will vary depending on the interests of participants, but may include topics such as partnership mergers and developing new ways of working.

In addition, each member of the learning network will have access to two places at our conferences.