Emerging Leaders: aims of the programme

The East Midlands Leadership Academy Emerging Leaders' Programme will help you to nurture and grow your creativity, resourcefulness and agility. Intrinsic to this will be developing your ability to work with others within your own teams and organisations and across different organisations.

We want to increase your ability to work with diversity; diversity of people, organisations, approaches, disciplines, professions. We will do this through supporting you to recognise, understand and challenge your own assumptions and ways of viewing the world and developing your ability to listen, to be curious to understand and where appropriate challenge the perspectives and behaviours of others. We also want to help you to try doing things in a different way to provide a safe environment to test new approaches, explore new ideas and be creative and innovative. 

Projects focused on improving the experience and service for service users and their families and friends will provide a tangible means through which you will practice your developing leadership skills.

By the end of the programme you will have:

  • an increased confidence in your abilities as a leader
  • ownership of your own power and authority and knowledge of how to use them in the service of quality patient care and service provision
  • the confidence and commitment to lead by example, to recognise and celebrate good practice and challenge poor performance
  • the ability to form relationships with people from different organisations, disciplines and backgrounds.
  • recognition of the resource and creativity that is released when one truly embraces working with and valuing difference.
  • a wealth of practical tools, ideas, skills, approaches, methodologies you can use with others in your everyday work
  • the satisfaction of undertaking a project which clearly leads to a positive impact on service user experience and contributes to your organisations QIPP challenge
  • a broader network of colleagues across the health economy
  • knowledge of the wider political context
  • understanding of the local health economy
  • a portfolio of evidence of your leadership practice.

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