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Start date: Spring 2024
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From £5,000 +VAT
Three to six months

Discover the power of collaborative working in a whole new way with our virtual programme TeamWorks. 

Successful teams recognise the value of meaningful collaboration. They dedicate time and energy to building strong bonds, creating a safe and supportive environment and clarifying their shared goals. This investment pays off in improved problem-solving, decision-making, change management, and conflict resolution skills. It also contributes to the overall wellbeing and performance of all team members. 

Over three to six months, TeamWorks combines live group coaching with online learning materials. The programme is centred around kindness, compassion and the wellbeing of team members, providing an opportunity to grow together and improve team dynamics. 

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What have people said about TeamWorks?

'It brought our leadership team together and made us step aside from busy workloads and look inwardly at the impact of our leadership. We came a long way in a short time thanks to the structure of the course and importantly thanks to the facilitating / coaching.'

Past participant

'The most helpful aspect of the course was how it helped me examine my own personality traits and those of my colleagues in the context of how we work together as a team.'

Past participant

'I enjoyed the course and felt I got a lot out of it both personally and as a team. We did it while being stretched for time and it was really good to have the time and space to stop, reflect and reset, and actually seemed to create more time to do work, maybe because I was changing how I did things.'

Past participant

Is TeamWorks for us?

TeamWorks is designed for teams across the health and care system, including:

  • operational teams

  • senior leadership teams

  • NHS and local government teams

  • teams within the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.

Please note that participating teams should consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of eight members.

Programme team

What will we learn on TeamWorks?

Through TeamWorks, your team will:

  • gain a clear understanding of high-performing team characteristics and areas for improvement 

  • explore group dynamics and their impact on team effectiveness 

  • learn how to foster psychological safety and trust among team members

  • identify and address sources of difference and conflict within the team 

  • cultivate kind and compassionate leadership and management practices 

  • prioritise the health and wellbeing of team members 

  • discover how to learn as a team, ensuring sustainable improvement. 

Programme structure

When your team signs up to the programme, we will confirm your place and introduce you to your dedicated coach. Together, you will set the pace for coaching sessions and schedule them according to your team's availability.

Before your first coaching session, you will receive the programme learning materials, which cover foundational team concepts, so please review them before you begin the programme.

Coaching sessions will explore trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results within your team dynamic. The focus and activities will adapt to your team's collective needs.

Over a period of three to six months, teams will: 

  • engage in approximately three hours of self-directed study 

  • participate in six team coaching sessions with a faculty member from The King’s Fund (duration of sessions will vary depending on team size) 

  • access additional learning tailored to your team's needs 

  • creatively showcase your team’s learning from the experience through an output, such as a drawing, video, poetry.  

Pricing and dates

We are accepting applications on an ongoing basis, and there is no specified closing date for submissions.

Following your submission, our team will collaborate with you to schedule coaching dates within 3-6 months that best align with the availability of both the coach and your team.

The pricing difference reflects the session length, with 90-minute sessions for smaller teams and 120-minute sessions for larger teams.

  • Teams of 4 people or fewer

  • Teams of 5–8 people

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Frequently asked questions

Got a question about the programmes? Read our programme FAQs.


How to apply

Complete the short TeamWorks application form and one of our programme co-ordinators will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

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