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Developing a strategy for the health and care workforce in England

Summary of a roundtable discussion

Following publication of the draft 10-year workforce strategy Facing the facts, shaping the future, The King’s Fund, the Health Foundation and the Nuffield Trust convened a roundtable event to facilitate discussion on the issues it raised.

Attendees came from academia, Health Education England, the Department of Health and Social Care, HM Treasury, NHS Improvement, Care Quality Commission, Public Health England, NHS Employers, NHS Providers, Skills for Care, NHS provider trusts, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) and the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).

The event was run under Chatham House Rule and focused on two areas: reflections and opportunities to improve the current modelling underpinning the workforce strategy and how workforce planning could be improved.

The discussion sought to facilitate a diverse range of views and perspectives to inform the work of Health Education England, rather than to arrive at an agreed position or set of actions. The following write up provides an overview of the event and reflects the individual points raised and the views expressed in the ensuing discussion.