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Integrated approaches to mental health care

Developing integrated approaches to mental health is a key priority in England. Mental health care is often disconnected from the wider health and care system, and as a result, people do not always receive co-ordinated support for their physical health, mental health and wider social needs.

Our work on this topic explores what a more joined-up approach would look like, and supports organisations seeking to put this vision into practice.

Project content

  • Mental health and new models of care

    This report argues that new care models and vanguards need to make more of opportunities to improve care through integrated approaches to mental health.

  • Bringing together physical and mental health

    Our report looks at the integration of physical and mental health. The authors discuss 10 areas that offer some of the biggest opportunities for improving quality and controlling costs. ...

  • Long-term conditions and mental health: the cost of co-morbidities

    Our report, published jointly with Centre for Mental Health, reviews the evidence on the interaction between mental health and long-term physical health conditions and offers examples of...

  • Mental health and general practice: intertwined futures

    Following the recent publication of NHS England's implementation plan for The five year forward view for mental health, Chris Naylor considers the prospects for better integration of men...

  • Living with a long-term condition: the importance of psychological support

    In a guest blog to coincide with the launch of our report on integrating physical and mental health care, Tessa Jelen writes about the importance of information and support, for both ph...

  • Get mental health right and we can get the whole system right

    Alongside the launch of our report on mental health and new models of care, Chris Naylor explores some of the benefits of investing in mental health.

  • Doing justice to mental health in STPs

    Chris Naylor looks at whether mental health is being considered carefully enough in the development of sustainability and transformation plans.